Hobonichi planner pages and sketchbook pages

Hi everyone,

I recently joined the Virtual Art Academy, it’s a four year online art course and I’m so happy and excited to be doing it that I wanted to share a few pages of what I have been doing, here with you. Just a few lessons into it and I can already sense a change in how I think visually:

Sketchbook pageSketchbbok page
I have had this Hobonichi planner since 5 months, and I love it so much, I can’t do it without it anymore, here are a few pages from it, I wanted to share these also with you; mostly I write notes in the daily pages, I don’t know , notes always keep piling up for me; the weekly pages I use for my core planning and the monthly pages for semi regular tasks:

(The last image has a tree of life illustration which is inspired  from a photo in pinterest)

Hobonichi_planner_pageHobonichi planner pageHobonichi planner spreadHobonichi planner spreadHobonichi planner spread