Marsh field quick study

I have made this from another one of Karen Margulis demos: How to paint grasses in pastel.Love her videos, I am having a lot of fun playing with pastels but am behind in making dinner, my family`s waiting for homemade pizza!

marshy field in pastel marshy field in pastel

Quick Pastel and Gouche studies

Hi everyone,

I had been following a couple of youtube videos yesterday on painting quick landscape studies by Karen Margulis. She does amazing daily paintings in pastel, here’s a video of her giving a demo of one such:

And here are the ones that I managed to come up with: (at my brand new standing table which I am quite excited about!)





Here`s another interesting one done by 背景_彩玉 of foliage in Photoshop7:


which I have translated into Gouche which is a new medium for me and something that I have been meaning to learn:

gouche foliage study


That`s all from me for today, hope you are all enjoying loads on your painting endeavours!