Landscape color studies finished page

I have added a few more to the page I had already shown: a pomegranate, any red fruit/flower tree really, tree in overcast, foggy conditions,one lit by a late afternoon sun and one of a silhouette in low light after sunset. Enjoy!


Sketchbook pages

Here I’ve followed along a lovely demonstration by Glenn Vilppu of a woman`s head drawn from imagination:

head study from Vilppu


Vilppu arm demonstrations:

arm study from Vilppu

arm study from Vilppu


This was done from a magazine:



These pages are from an old sketchbook when I had been reading a lot of books on decorative design. Most of them are good but one book actually shows you how to design those enticing spirals by yourself (Gold mine alert! Drawing and designing in a series of lessons / by Charles G. Leland.)

The one in color I designed myself:

decorative design sketchbook page

decorative design sketchbook page

These two pages have some from the book and some by me:

decorative design sketchbook page


Doing the spirals here (right most bottom) reminded me of the ones which I use to sometimes make (right most middle) in front of our house, oh.. donkey’s years ago. Its called rangoli in Hindi and muggu in Telugu. The bigger ones look very complicated but they are not really that difficult to make, a vertical line of dots (here, 7) is made first, then the lines to either side have progressively lesser number of dots. The loops are made around these dots which serve as a grid pattern:
decorative design sketchbook page

This ones just doodling, doing landscape thumbnails from imagination:

landscape thumbnails


This one’s also from imagination, its a bit winnie-the-pooh (one of my favorites of the Disney Classics) landscape inspired, so I put a Puh Bär quote next to it:

landscape sketch