Another sketch..

Prepared another sketch, this one too is after a portrait study by Morgan Weistling, its in low light of a beautiful ,young girl with light coloring and light blond hair:

Portrait sketch

I am going to start on it tomorrow with daylight to paint maybe after changing the sketch or redrawing it ..the portrait looks to be of a younger girl than what I have drawn here, the facial features are clustered more towards the lower half of the face in children.


Color study after Morgan Weistling

Color study after Morgan Weistling

Painting this was a lot of fun, love his color sense, though I brought out the colors a bit more than his more neutral ones. Looking for warm cool color relationships and stating light dark patterns effectively. Here are the first washes, used very few colors, raw sienna, raw umber, burnt sienna, walnut brown, mangan violet, quin magenta and ultramarine blue.

Color study after Morgan Weistling

Portrait girl study

Started another study in a smaller format, after Morgan Weistling:

Study after Morgan Weistling

I am not sure whether to play it safe and do it in watercolors or use the tiling method for painting in gouche?

Portrait study

I have given up on it, it’s too frustrating, working in a new medium and the first time I am painting a portrait. On the plus side I have learnt a lot of things,like, starting from the darks first, colour in shadows, accurate values without glazing, judging color temperatures, noticing color transitions; and … painting a portrait (hee!)

Master study

Just prepared a sketch for doing a portrait study of Sargent’s Lady Agnew. I found a cool demo in oils on utube, I just have to translate it in Gouche! I have been meaning to learn the medium properly:

Sketch after Sargent's Lady Agnew

Two more color studies

Color studies

Color studies

Color studies

Just trying out random color combinations with pastels:

Color studies

Horse gestures

Did animal gestures from some lovely graphics I found on pinterest:

Horse sketches

Horse sketches

Sketchbook pages

I have been doing some random sketching; fantasy, an illustration after Franklin Booth, animal gestures e.t.c

Fantasy illustration

Illustration after Franklin Booth

Animal gestures

Animal gestures

Color study

The finished study in watercolor and gouche…. have not paid enough attention to edge work.. not satisfied with it but I didn’t want to be too detail oriented and finicky in a quick study of this type:

Study still life Richard Schmid

Some sketchbook pages

On the right side of this spread below is a color study of a painting by Richard Schmid that I have started doing, yet to complete it though. The other pages are ones from some time ago. I had wanted to add a gold arabesque to the background of the prayer written by the Mother, Mirra Alfassa, have yet to do it. The one in the middle is of a bright sun cloudscape study.

Oak foliage watercolor

Clouds skyscape in watercolor

Prayer by Mirra Alfassa

Prayer by Mirra Alfassa

Prayer by Mirra Alfassa

A blush, dusky rose and a deep wine

Managed only this much today..

Color schemes

Sanfte Töne

Love these soft and fresh tones, the darkest is only a value 5 , the camera has picked up the colors a little differently:

Soft color schemes

Another color samples page..

Color schemes

Color studies

Just finished these color studies today. Each have a range of values in the same color family and I tried to shift the highlights and shadows to the adjacent or to the complementary color family. I feel I should have pushed them a bit more:

Munsell hue circles

I have just finished making some new hue circles. I wanted to place my paints in the right positions in the munsell circle:

My new Etsy store!

Hi everyone , 

I’m very excited to be selling my artworks on my new Etsy store. I will keep adding new paintings, do take a look around and see if there is anything to interest you. Thanks!

Unfinished sketch

Lost momentum while doing this:

Abstract artwork

I had not been doing anything in color from a long time, I am going through a tough time personally and it has been hard to get out the colors, today I thought I would do a simple exercise in color studies from the Virtual art academy course to sort of ease into the process, but I ended up with this abstract artwork inspired from a mushroom. The whole thing has been done wet-in-wet after I had carefully mixed in all the colors before hand:

Abstract art