Hobonichi planner pages and sketchbook pages

Hi everyone,

I recently joined the Virtual Art Academy, it’s a four year online art course and I’m so happy and excited to be doing it that I wanted to share a few pages of what I have been doing, here with you. Just a few lessons into it and I can already sense a change in how I think visually:

Sketchbook pageSketchbbok page
I have had this Hobonichi planner since 5 months, and I love it so much, I can’t do it without it anymore, here are a few pages from it, I wanted to share these also with you; mostly I write notes in the daily pages, I don’t know , notes always keep piling up for me; the weekly pages I use for my core planning and the monthly pages for semi regular tasks:

(The last image has a tree of life illustration which is inspired  from a photo in pinterest)

Hobonichi_planner_pageHobonichi planner pageHobonichi planner spreadHobonichi planner spreadHobonichi planner spread



Happy holidays to all!

Quitting  blogging has been on my mind for quite some time now (you might have  guessed that given my increasingly intermittent posts from the past 2 to 3 years). The ending of the year seems like an apt time to talk about closures! Its been nearing 10 years that I have been writing for this blog (ever since my son’s birth actually), it has been a creative experience in and of itself apart from my artistic one. You have been great readers, thank you for coming by, reading and for sharing your opinions. I feel like I have to reflect back on my creative processes, growth and think about the way forward in terms of my artistic style. So, for now, I will leave you with my cafè painting; have a great holiday and happy goal-setting for the coming year. And, please don’t forget to check out my article at Jackson’s blog, it will be out after the festive season.

Cafè street scene painting


New works

A sampling of what I have been doing with Jackson`s watercolors:









WIP update

WIP update

My drawing so far..

I haven`t had a chance to work on my painting this past week, I got sidetracked with figure drawing and some geometrical pattern drawing, so today I wanted to get on with it and I have transferred my drawing here to a watercolor paper:


a page from my sketches:


and meanwhile the Jackson`s catalogues have arrived: art supplies are always tantalizing; I have chosen a few and they are kind enough to be sending them to me, I can`t wait to try out their specialty brushes like foliage, fan and dagger.

These Sennelier iridescent extra soft pastels look way too tempting:



My Color chart on Jackson`s material guide

Jackson`s Art Supplies in London has featured one of the color charts that I had earlier painted for my reference on their cover of Jackson`s Material Guide: Winter 2016 2017. Eva Manca is the graphic designer who has designed it and I think she has done a lovely job of it; I will show photos of the inside when I receive my copy of it. I will be doing a review of Jackson`s watercolors and brushes at their popular art blog and also be giving an interview with them about my work in the near future.

Jackson`s material guide


Quick update

Café street scene WIP

This is a rough start to a drawing I have started, working out the perspective, proportions and the general placement of the buildings and things. It is a cozy, intimate scene with beautiful, warm street lighting and turquoise waters reflecting off its glints, so I am real excited to be painting it and though I have yet to work out the details of the drawing I wanted to show you what I have been doing:


I have started on another sketch, this time of a waterfall, wanted to share this before I close for the day. Just a first wash though, I have yet to muse over what foliage I want to paint growing beside it.

bubbling stream