Finished Painting


              Hi everyone, I’ve finished my painting today, the background washes are quite simple, so it went quickly. I took the photos at dusk, so had to set the auto contrast. The painting in real life has more of a reddish tinge compared to this which is bluer…

Parvathi offering flowers to Lord Shiva



                      It was a real pleasure to paint these small bael leaves and marigolds after so many days of not painting nature. aureolin yellow, pthalo blue and translucent orange for the shadows. 

bael leaves


                       I used ultramarine blue here and what a granulating effect it showed! I was very pleased with how the foreground turned out though the effect is not so visible here..     

background 1


                          For the walls of the cave (second wash), I used burnt umber (along with the other colors -UB, orange, permanent karmin) which also showed this effect noticeably. I used the salt technique in the sky for snow but it was too pale and I went over it with a darker/grayer wash. (pthalo blue)  

background 2

Nutana Samvatsara Subhakanshalu

Ugadi pachadi    

                   I wish all my readers a fruitful year filled with riches. Today is Ugadi, it marks the beginning of a new year in the Hindu Lunar calendar, with the change in the moons orbit. It heralds the season of spring, of flame of the forest, jasmine, neem flowers and mangoes spreading their clean and pure fragrances in the sweet air. The entrance of the house is decorated with garlands made of fresh mango leaves. Ugadi pachadi (chutney) is made with raw mango, coconut, banana slices, neem flowers, new jaggery and tamarind. This contains all the 6 tastes (sweet, sour,salty, pungent, astringent and bitter) to remind us that life is a mixture of all rasas, pain and pleasure, failure and success, tears and joy…..  and that all experiences have to be savoured equally and be accepted with good grace. It actually tastes quite delicious, given that the jaggery (sweet) taste is put more than the bitter(neem flowers) and the pungent(chilli) taste is completely omitted these days! 


Flame of forest flowers – Beginning of Realisation

Mango flowers – Nature’s Hope for Realisation

Jasmine – Purity


Realisation is … when something for which you are aspiring becomes real to you; e.g. you have the idea of the Divine in all, but it is only an idea, a belief; when you feel or see the Divine in all, it becomes a realisation.



In a more deep and spiritual sense a concrete realisation is that which makes the thing realised more real, dynamic, intimately present to the consciousness than any physical thing can be.




                   Well, the new year started out with me buying a new camera battery charger…. coming to the conclusion after several days of search that my son put it in the garbage when not looking..

                    This is what I have painted these two days. The orange yellow mango color is my favourite color (blue being my least favourite) its a mix of indian yellow and translucent orange. The indian yellow of the chunni which is actually quite vivid appears pale compared to the orange yellow. The shadow colors are the same as the ones in the previous mixtures.



step a

step b

step c

step d

step e

the leopard skin…


                 Hallo!  I think I’m almost done with this part of the picture…… I’m quite satisfied with it… maybe a little more confidence and it would have showed but that will surely come as I go on.

Lord Shiva


                  Continuing from the steps in the previous post, some more fine glazes on the arms, so that some veins are visible.   

more work on the hands - step d


                     This part was real fun, I first layed in a thin wash of indian yellow+ raw sienna wet on wet. I mixed a shadow color of indian yellow+ raw sienna + pthalo blue + translucent orange + permanent karmin + burnt sienna (which somehow didn’t turn into mud!) and brushed it into the still shiny wash. After this was dry, I stroked in a stronger mix of this shadow color into the darker areas (the same as how they are on the skin in the photo) . This wash had started to lose its shine before I was ready with the leopard spot colors (black mixed with the basic yellow+ red + blue), so I let it dry completely and then wet it again, stroked in some darker shadows (with a little black) and just as it was losing its sheen, I put in the black spots with fine strokes. Also put in some very fine strokes of the leopard skin colors. 

leopard skin step a

leopard skin step b

leopard skin step c

Shiva the ascetic


           Hi everyone, here’s where I have reached. Just the basic colors – indian yellow, permanent karmin and pthalo blue with a touch of translucent orange and lukas burnt sienna here and there.



  Very pale washes conserving the highlights on the right side. yellow+red+ a tiny bit of blue.

step a

step b

       Highlights on the eyes to make them look rounded but the left eye’s highlight is muted a bit as it is in shadow. Added the shadows and the details.

step c


The whole of the hair I painted with a grey blue as the highlights wont be completely white on dark hair. Then painted in the darkest sections of the hair. After it was dry, I added a mid tone of brown black. Hope this helps Rajalekshmy, you said painting hair was difficult for you, its just three steps. This is matted hair but for softer hair, you can add in more fine details.   

hair step a

hair step b


              The neck and shoulders are painted in the same way as the face, with many thin glazes drying in between with a hair dryer. 

hands step a

 hands step b

hands step c

Parvathi offering flowers to Lord Shiva


            Hi everyone,  this is a crop of the drawing for my next painting. I hope I didn’t spoil the paper too much, I worked and reworked on the face, and what looked like 5 or 6 simple folds on the dress in the photo somehow kept multiplying themselves as I was drawing them… Have to put in flowers and more details but I am anxious to start painting…

           There are a lot of symbols associated with Shiva but I don’t think I will include all of them as they tend to sometimes hinder perception more than aid it.