Austerities – Summer


             Here’s the finished painting and a close up:




               The dress has deep red in addition to the previous colors. The background was done wet in wet with the addition of hookers green in the ground area. I kept working on it till it was dry to get in all the details starting with the brown grey for smoke, indian yellow at the core of the flames, orange in the area around that and deep red in places.

step a

step b

Portrait of an Indian woman


             Good morning! It feels good to hold a paint brush, to watch the colors flow. I finished this part of the painting yesterday.

Austerities in Summer 

             These are the colors I have used for the skin tones – Schminke’s indian yellow, permanent karmin, pthalo blue, a bit of translucent orange (centre and bottom right). [The indian yellow is warmer, orangish not like the true primary (neither warm or cool) that you see in the photo.] Mixing the three primaries so that they cancel out each other equally gives a grey or black if not diluted too much. (not in equal quantities because blue and red are stronger valued than yellow and you would need less of them) If this mixture is pushed more towards the blue and red, it gives a violet grey. If it is more towards the yellow and red, it gives a brown (just a bit more red and blue gives a dark brown) A very diluted mixture of yellow, a bit of red and very little of blue is what I start out with for skin tones. If you don’t use blue, it will look very vivid – like a sunburnt skin. [Avoid pushing the mix towards the blue and yellow which will give a greenish grey]     

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Austerities – Summer



                     With most of the festivities of the wedding over, I hope to get out my paints and brushes tommorrow. But I have started some work on my next painting. I took this photo with the self timer function, to use as reference.



                  A little bit of shading on the face while working out the sketch helps to see better if the features are rightly placed and also gives a rough idea of the light source, hightlight and shadow areas.