More progress..

I am taking the help of this video which very beautifully explains the logic behind the painting process of John Singer Sargent. I had tried my hand at Lady Agnew’s portrait some time back but am only just beginning to understand it better:

Portrait painting

Some progress

All filled ready made bullet journal:

Master study

Just prepared a sketch for doing a portrait study of Sargent’s Lady Agnew. I found a cool demo in oils on utube, I just have to translate it in Gouche! I have been meaning to learn the medium properly:

Sketch after Sargent's Lady Agnew

Color study

The finished study in watercolor and gouche…. have not paid enough attention to edge work.. not satisfied with it but I didn’t want to be too detail oriented and finicky in a quick study of this type:

Study still life Richard Schmid

Some sketchbook pages

On the right side of this spread below is a color study of a painting by Richard Schmid that I have started doing, yet to complete it though. The other pages are ones from some time ago. I had wanted to add a gold arabesque to the background of the prayer written by the Mother, Mirra Alfassa, have yet to do it. The one in the middle is of a bright sun cloudscape study.

Oak foliage watercolor

Clouds skyscape in watercolor

Prayer by Mirra Alfassa

Prayer by Mirra Alfassa

Prayer by Mirra Alfassa

A blush, dusky rose and a deep wine

Managed only this much today..

Color schemes

Sanfte Töne

Love these soft and fresh tones, the darkest is only a value 5 , the camera has picked up the colors a little differently:

Soft color schemes

Another color samples page..

Color schemes

Color studies

Just finished these color studies today. Each have a range of values in the same color family and I tried to shift the highlights and shadows to the adjacent or to the complementary color family. I feel I should have pushed them a bit more:

Notan studies of Master paintings

Notan studies of old master paintingsNotan studies of Master paintings

Journaling pages



Sketchbook pages



Sketchbook pages

Couple of cloud studies:


Natural lighting conditions:
(Find good reference here Itchyanimation and at Huevaluechroma)





Playing around with my new tombow markers:


Happy holidays everyone!

The other day we were watching Beauty and the Beast, and I remember thinking ……Wow!!, cool…. I know who worked on some of these sequences:

Digital Painting of Beast in Photoshop by Aaron Blaise

Butterfly contemplation by Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise has worked as animator or supervising animator on films like “The Rescuers Down Under”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King”, “Pocahontas”, “Mulan” and as co-director of Oscar nominated film “Brother Bear”.
Take a look at his website, creatureartteacher and blog, artofaaronblaise for some fantastic artwork and tutorials.