Horse gestures

Did animal gestures from some lovely graphics I found on pinterest:

Horse sketches

Horse sketches


Sketchbook pages

I have been doing some random sketching; fantasy, an illustration after Franklim Booth, animal gestures e.t.c

Fantasy illustration

Illustration after Franklin Booth

Animal gestures

Animal gestures

Munsell hue circles

I have just finished making some new hue circles. I wanted to place my paints in the right positions in the munsell circle:

Unfinished sketch

Lost momentum while doing this:

Abstract artwork

I had not been doing anything in color from a long time, I am going through a tough time personally and it has been hard to get out the colors, today I thought I would do a simple exercise in color studies from the Virtual art academy course to sort of ease into the process, but I ended up with this abstract artwork inspired from a mushroom. The whole thing has been done wet-in-wet after I had carefully mixed in all the colors before hand:

Abstract art

Geheimebücherregal (secret bookshelf)

Fantasy art - bookshelf

Fairy glade

Fairy house illustration

Anatomy sketches

Anatomy sketchesAnatomy sketchesAnatomy sketches

Journaling page

Ganesha sketch

Sketchbook doodle done with tombow markers

Was thinking of hidden , creative spaces..

Roses painting

Another page from my sketchbook..

Abstract art

Abstract illustration

Just an imaginary abstract concept I am trying to work out in my sketchbook..

Tombow marker, fountain pen and colored pencils:

Abstract illustration



Hi everyone, I have been doing some creative collage work in an old sketchbook. Hope you like them!


Van Dyke head studies from Glenn Vilppu

Van Dyke head studies

Head studies from Gibson and Velazquez and some fantasy imaginary landscapes

Head studies from Charles Dana GibsonHead study from VelazquezFantasy imaginary landscape sketchFantasy imaginary landscape sketch

Pen and ink and graphite illustrations

More pages from my color inspiration book

The images are mostly from the ‘Wohnen und Garten’ magazines and the Munsell charts are of 2.5 PB, 5PB, 7.5P, 10P, 2.5RP, 5RP, 7.5R, 10R, 2.5YR and 5YR:

Color inspiration book2.5PB and 5PB munsell charts 2.5YR and 5YR munsell charts7.5R, 10R munsell charts2.5RP and 5RP munsell charts7.5P, 10P munsell chartsColor inspiration bookColor inspiration bookColor inspiration book

My beautiful color sketchbook

I was inspired to put together this kind of sketchbook back in may, when I received a 1500 page (!) catalogue by post from Gerstaecker, an art shop. Flipping through the pages and looking at all the color samples filled me with inspiration (especially these long, rectangular ones which are actually pigments in their powdered state, they have a different color vibration in their textures as opposed to plainer ones, it really pained me that I could not use the blue ones printed on the opposite side, but oh well!, it can’t be helped, I can only use one side of a page). I just kept gazing at them and at first I had no idea about what to do but slowly the idea started seeping into my head that I could cut them up and do some kind of collage work and finally I started making grids for Munsell charts and filling them up by pasting in the appropriate hue, value and chroma in each slot. As you know, the rows represent increasing chroma and the columns increasing value so that the most saturated ‘real’ color appears always in the right extreme side of the table. Some colors I found in other magazines, and I cut out some images from ‘Wohnen und Garten’ and pasted them in as collages in the pages of the rest of the sketchbook so it would serve me as a ‘color inspiration’ book. I didn’t feel the need to ‘finish’ it, the labels are only pencilled in and some of the colors I didn’t find, I figured I could always paint them in later and ink them properly. These pages are of 7.5RP, 10RP, 2.5R, 5R, .., 7.5YR and 10YR. Some other pages I will post at a later time. Enjoy!!

Munsell chart 7.5RP, 10RPMunsell chart  2.5R, 5RMunsell chart 7.5YR and 10YRGerstaecker art catalogueGerstaecker katalog