Anatomy sketches

Anatomy sketchesAnatomy sketchesAnatomy sketches


Journaling page

Ganesha sketch

Sketchbook doodle done with tombow markers

Was thinking of hidden , creative spaces..

Roses painting

Another page from my sketchbook..

Abstract art

Abstract illustration

Just an imaginary abstract concept I am trying to work out in my sketchbook..

Tombow marker, fountain pen and colored pencils:

Abstract illustration



Hi everyone, I have been doing some creative collage work in an old sketchbook. Hope you like them!


Van Dyke head studies from Glenn Vilppu

Van Dyke head studies

Head studies from Gibson and Velazquez and some fantasy imaginary landscapes

Head studies from Charles Dana GibsonHead study from VelazquezFantasy imaginary landscape sketchFantasy imaginary landscape sketch

Pen and ink and graphite illustrations