Finished painting – Rose brambles

Hope you like it!

Rose brambles painting


Rose painting WIP

Progress on Rose bramble

I have been sick the past few days, and not been able to work on the painting which I had hoped to finish by the end of this week. Managed though to work on it a couple of hours today:

Rose bush
Rose bramble painting

Rose buds and background

Roses WIP painting

Progress on the painting

Roses in watercolor

A rose is a rose is a rose…

Looking at simplification of values and shapes, control of edges and adding color interest the last of which I want to push a bit further than what I have here but not entirely sure of the direction, so I am keeping it for now, I will work on it at a later stage:

Red roses WIP in watercolor


Progress on the painting..

This is where I am on it, just the first washes, trying to find my place on it.

First washes roses painting