Finished painting – Rose brambles

Hope you like it!

Rose brambles painting


Rose painting WIP

Progress on Rose bramble

I have been sick the past few days, and not been able to work on the painting which I had hoped to finish by the end of this week. Managed though to work on it a couple of hours today:

Rose bush
Rose bramble painting

Rose buds and background

Roses WIP painting

Progress on the painting

Roses in watercolor

A rose is a rose is a rose…

Looking at simplification of values and shapes, control of edges and adding color interest the last of which I want to push a bit further than what I have here but not entirely sure of the direction, so I am keeping it for now, I will work on it at a later stage:

Red roses WIP in watercolor


Progress on the painting..

This is where I am on it, just the first washes, trying to find my place on it.

First washes roses painting

Sketch for painting of roses

I got inspired from photos of roses that I had taken long back, added some elements from imagination and designed a composition with pleasing negative spaces and + shapes. Did some notan studies beforehand to look for the silhoutte. Drew the sketch directly on Arches paper, can’t wait to paint on good paper after having gone so long on sketchbook paper:




Mums in oil pastels

Mums in oil pastels

Tuscany Superb Rose digital painting

This is a study I made, when learning to get around Adobe Photoshop, a long time back. It is loosely based on a photo in a book on roses by John Scarman named Alte Rosen

Tuscany Superb Rose digital painting

Tuscany Superb Rose