Final Painting!

Drybrushed a strong mix of walnut brown and the premixed grey on the birdhouse and added a few cracks. Added the shadows with the same color. The bird is done by laying in a clear water wash over the whole bird and stroking in auerolin yellow on the body and lukas paynes grey on the head. After this dried the details are painted in with stronger colors. Shadows added with the premixed grey. The hole in the birdhouse is done by laying in a strong mix of walnut brown and the grey upto the eggs and small lines indicating the shadows in the nest. red speckles for the eggs. yellow for the straw. After this has dried, lay on a weak wash of grey over the entire hole gently so as to not disturb the underlying layer. This gives the impression of the nest emerging softly from the shadows.

The area underneath the bird house and some white spaces are covered with the bg colors. The rusting iron wire is done with lukas burnet sienna , the shadows with walnut brown. Lifted a few highlights.


For the birdhouse, I first layed in a very weak wash of a mix of ruby red and indian yellow for the front side. The roof and side are relatively on the shadow side and I layed in a very weak wash of a  mix of paynes grey and a touch of grey which I mixed for the bg. After this has dried thoroughly, I drybrushed (color with very little water dragged on dry paper) with a mix of ruby red and the premixed grey. On top of this I layed in patches of yellow green and a weak mauve.

More leaves and flowers

the buds and flowers….

The buds are painted by laying a clear water wash, then laying a weak wash of ruby red and adding a touch of strong mix of krapprot tief and ruby red on the shadow side. Lifted off some highlights with a stiff brush. The flowers by laying a clear water wash and adding touches of a mix of ruby red and lukas paynes grey (which is actually a blue) and mauve for shadows. I also bordered the flowers with ruby red as the white jasmine wasn’t showing up too well against the light background. The places where the stems meet the buds are with mauve and sap green and the stems themselves with varying mixes of yellow green, sap green and a mix of hookers green and paynes grey for the shawdow side. Also I let the red of the buds flow into the stems.

Leaves : The portions of the leaves which are sunlit are painted with yellow green and touches of sap green. The portion of the leaf which reflects light is done with a very weak mix of hookers green and paynes grey and lifting off some color with a stiff brush.

First wash

I mixed weak washes of yellow green, sap green, ruby red and a grey out of ruby red and hookers green.  Then I wet the paper thoroughly back and front in a tub and stuck it to a board with gummed tape. Started brushing in the colors quickly but the paper began to dry before I was completely satisfied with the background and before I could add the red. sigh…. Next time I have to try soaking the paper for a few minutes and then taping it.

Pink Jasmine climbing over birdhouse

For this painting I have taken as reference a photo from the Image Library of

Here it is:



and here is the drawing I made directly on a 450 gm/m2 quarter sheet: