Unfinished sketch

Lost momentum while doing this:


Abstract artwork

I had not been doing anything in color from a long time, I am going through a tough time personally and it has been hard to get out the colors, today I thought I would do a simple exercise in color studies from the Virtual art academy course to sort of ease into the process, but I ended up with this abstract artwork inspired from a mushroom. The whole thing has been done wet-in-wet after I had carefully mixed in all the colors before hand:

Abstract art

Geheimebücherregal (secret bookshelf)

Fantasy art - bookshelf

Fairy glade

Fairy house illustration

Anatomy sketches

Anatomy sketchesAnatomy sketchesAnatomy sketches

Journaling page

Ganesha sketch

Sketchbook doodle done with tombow markers

Was thinking of hidden , creative spaces..

Roses painting

Another page from my sketchbook..

Abstract art

Abstract illustration

Just an imaginary abstract concept I am trying to work out in my sketchbook..

Tombow marker, fountain pen and colored pencils:

Abstract illustration