Hi and welcome to my blog;

I had always taken up creative pursuits, like fabric painting, knitting, embroidery work, scrapbooking etc from an early age onwards, whenever I could spare time away from studies. I am an Engineering graduate and had started my career as a software developer but early five years back, I discovered a passion for painting in watercolors, especially subjects from nature which I love dearly. Since then, I have devoted all the time that I can spare from taking care of my house and family to learning about art in general and perfecting my own techniques in watercolor. I started this blog two years ago so that I can keep a record of my work, inspirations and thoughts on my two loves, Nature and Painting. While I was first learning to paint, I loved the step by step approach found in many books. It freed my mind to concentrate on the painting process itself rather than worry about other aspects like composition, choosing colors, keeping the whites etc. which I focussed on later.  I hope this blog inspires and helps you to paint in the same way.

You can read more about me in this article:

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