Rose painting WIP

Progress on Rose bramble

I have been sick the past few days, and not been able to work on the painting which I had hoped to finish by the end of this week. Managed though to work on it a couple of hours today:

Rose bush
Rose bramble painting

Rose buds and background

Roses WIP painting

Fantasy illustration sketch

Just doodling around from imagination searching for ideas:

Fantasy illustration sketch
I bought a few books on fantasy illustration recently including a Kindle one by Thomas Kidd “Other worlds: How to imagine, paint and create epic scenes of fantasy”. I haven’t yet gone through them properly but just having them around inspires me tremendously! One is a calligraphy exercise book to practice for when I am not too keen on anything else.

Fantasy illustration books

Progress on the painting

Roses in watercolor

Sketchbook pages

Here a sketch of a very dear friend of mine, SriLakshmi, liked this pose where she is in a reflective mood having coffee at a café. Didn’t do her any justice, however, she is more beautiful!

Young woman drinking coffee sketch
Sketchbook page window, woman

A rose is a rose is a rose…

Looking at simplification of values and shapes, control of edges and adding color interest the last of which I want to push a bit further than what I have here but not entirely sure of the direction, so I am keeping it for now, I will work on it at a later stage:

Red roses WIP in watercolor


Progress on the painting..

This is where I am on it, just the first washes, trying to find my place on it.

First washes roses painting

Sketch for painting of roses

I got inspired from photos of roses that I had taken long back, added some elements from imagination and designed a composition with pleasing negative spaces and + shapes. Did some notan studies beforehand to look for the silhoutte. Drew the sketch directly on Arches paper, can’t wait to paint on good paper after having gone so long on sketchbook paper:

Finished study

Color study after Morgan Weistling in watercolor

Progress on the study

I have pretty much used the same colors as I did on the last one, the mixes leaning more towards raw umber than towards raw sienna for the hair specially is cooler. I used ultramarine violet too which I forgot to mention for my previous study, very useful for neutralising the yellows effectively. Ultramarine blue is a mistake I guess, it sediments too much giving a texture on the face, but I don’t know what else I can use, its a nice warm blue that neutralises yellows (leaning towards green), cobalt blue does also sediment a bit. I think the tones on this portrait looks more cohesive than my previous attempt, I applied an overall first wash for the face cooler on the forehead, warmer and more saturated in the middle region of cheeks and nose and more neutral in the bottom third of the face. Then added glazes to go darker and add color temp variations instead of looking for variations right from the beginning:

Color study after Morgan Weistling in watercolor

Another sketch..

Prepared another sketch, this one too is after a portrait study by Morgan Weistling, its in low light of a beautiful ,young girl with light coloring and light blond hair:

Portrait sketch

I am going to start on it tomorrow with daylight to paint maybe after changing the sketch or redrawing it ..the portrait looks to be of a younger girl than what I have drawn here, the facial features are clustered more towards the lower half of the face in children.

Color study after Morgan Weistling

Color study after Morgan Weistling

Painting this was a lot of fun, love his color sense, though I brought out the colors a bit more than his more neutral ones. Looking for warm cool color relationships and stating light dark patterns effectively. Here are the first washes, used very few colors, raw sienna, raw umber, burnt sienna, walnut brown, mangan violet, quin magenta and ultramarine blue.

Color study after Morgan Weistling

Portrait girl study

Started another study in a smaller format, after Morgan Weistling:

Study after Morgan Weistling

I am not sure whether to play it safe and do it in watercolors or use the tiling method for painting in gouche?

Portrait study

I have given up on it, it’s too frustrating, working in a new medium and the first time I am painting a portrait. On the plus side I have learnt a lot of things,like, starting from the darks first, colour in shadows, accurate values without glazing, judging color temperatures, noticing color transitions; and … painting a portrait (hee!)

Master study

Just prepared a sketch for doing a portrait study of Sargent’s Lady Agnew. I found a cool demo in oils on utube, I just have to translate it in Gouche! I have been meaning to learn the medium properly:

Sketch after Sargent's Lady Agnew

Two more color studies

Color studies

Color studies