Figure Studies – 5


                 These spring days are long and lovely, warm and sunny here in this corner of the world, perfect for cycling, having picnics with friends, spotting wild flowers in the woods (o.k, I admit, also plucking a few) and trying to beat husband at badminton (I´m tempted to write beating husband instead of trying to beat, but I think he´ll be reading this!) Meanwhile I haven´t neglected my drawing practice even with a sore forearm(!), so I have something to show for you:
Figure studies - 6

Familie oder Karriere?




Figure studies – 4


fig studies -4

You think he´ll be there??


                 Draw a vertical line, and then a line about 30° anti-clockwise to that, for the figure leans a bit in the backward direction. A line diagonal to this for the line of the legs. I then drew a basic skeletal structure on top of these lines. Draw the head, mark the bust line which will be one head-length below the chin, another head-length below that will be the navel region. The hip to the knee will be two heads and knee to the foot another two heads. Draw the hands, the dress, I removed some layers and frills..ya…´s besser….like a Manga character´s dress. Draw some locks in the hair and some deep shadows in between them. Deeper shadows on the left hand side of the face and dress. Finish up with finer details.

Figure Studies -4 (stages)

Figure studies -3


You got to be kidding me...really??

You got to be kidding me...really??

You got to be kidding me......really??

You got to be kidding me......really??

Make a gesture line for the first step, to show the curve of the spine.

step 1

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6


           For the creases in the shirt, I put the darkest shadows first, then smudged the whole area with a cotton bud to get a middle tone. Darkened the shadows again, put in a few more mid tones and then lifted out highlights above the dark creases with a sharp eraser.