Pointillism is a technique of using dots of pure color to cover the form and letting the eye do the mixing optically rather than mixing colors on the pallette to achieve more vibrant colors (we are able to see both the umixed, individual colors and the mixed colors). Here I`ve used strokes of different, pure colors for the shadows.

                    The colors here are Faber Castell polychromos – light and middle flesh for base skin tone, dark flesh and a bit fuchsia for the pinker areas of lips, gums and cheeks. Phthalo blue, delft blue and light cadmium yellow for the eyes. Warm grey 5, dark and light cadmium yellow, fuchsia, deep scarlet red for the flower. Darker layers of medium flesh, delft blue, warm grey 5, deep scarlet red for the shadow areas. Bit of charcoal for deep black.