I didn`t quite realize at the beginning how complicated this was. You work for hours and and at the end of the session see that except for a small area the rest of the paper is blank! Well, I like doing it this way actually. I like getting lost in all the little details that nature creates. The background foilage is a little scary. The midground and the background and any layers in between have to recede visually so that you don`t have to watch your carefully done foreground areas disappearing into a maze. It`s useful to see a thumbnail or a slightly bigger image of the photo once in a while to get an idea of the overall form. Here the flowers on the extreme left are farthest away going around to the back so I made them paler and not so warm, the ones next to them are a bit more brighter till the nearest ones which are the most saturated. I used a number 5 da vinci brush even for the slender stems and buds, using a small detail one would mean you would have to refill the brush many times more. And oh, thats a tiny hummingbird that I added!




starting on the flowers…

            These were painted in two washes in various shades of red and orange. They are named `Spiritual Happiness` and that is just what I had four days back on the day of Maha Shivarathri when I had been fasting and chanting `Om namah Shivaya`. If you practice awareness … on the breath or on the thoughts for example, you could instead practice it with repeating some words of power, whichever ones you feel an affinity for. You will really see the difference. The sound of the mantra acts like a sword cutting through knots of resistance, showing the light behind, glimpses of mystery and magic from beyond which we so crave for in our day to day life.



      Although this flower is popularly known by the name Geranium, the scientific name Geranium refers to a completely different flower. I love this plant, it blooms so profusely throughout the summer with very little care and the foliage smells just heavenly. I just found out that it is cultivated for its citrus, mint, rose and fruit scents in the perfume industry.

      This is a portion of the drawing for my next painting. I`m still not sure about what color scheme I want in this one, though in real life these flowers are pink.