I found a Deutsch copy of this book at a library in Cologne. This is the first book from which I seriously started to learn to paint. It shows how to paint 50 different common flowers in an easy to follow step by step approach. There are two pages devoted to each flower.It has a few pages at the beginning of the book describing different techniques and these are further highlighted whenever necessary for each flower with step by step mini photos. The paintings are well executed and it was a delight for me to turn the page and see a brand new lovely flower after every two or three days of painting a flower.  It also had the added advantage of taking my German language skills to a higher level! Here are the first few that I had done:



           After a gap during which I had my baby and shifted cities, I found this book again at a library in Basel. Even though I hadn’t picked up my brushes for many months, I had grown as a person and this reflected quite surprisingly in my painting. I painted quickly and confidently and where before I was gropingly copying each color and value from the book, this time I had the ‘artist’s vision’ and I understood about the placements of darks and values to build forms. If your passion is painting flowers, then I think you will love learning from this book. Here are the ones that I had painted after my break: