Sheeny Red diamonds Design

I hope you like this new geometric pattern that I created along with a few coordinating designs to go with this main design. Also look at the mockup dinner plates I have put together and tell me what you think of them.

Sheeny red diamonds Main design

Sheeny red diamonds Main design

Purplish maroon motifs on White background
Red purple diamonds on pale neutral green
Bluish Green diamonds on Red pink background

Coordinating designs to go with the main design

Bluish green Zig zag/ Chevron pattern

Dinner plate mockups created with my surface patterns on it

Funky blue diamonds on yellow background
This one is of the pattern I created last week, how do you think it looks? Blue diamonds on yellow background.

I have lots more to blog about , I have drawn and sketched a lot these past few months I have been missing on this blog, so do come back and check for new content. Happy creating and happy father`s day!

Inky Squared Tiles composition

Here´s another free seamless paper pack I have created for you to download and use. Print them at a size of 12 * 12 inches for optimal resolution. Comments and suggestions are welcome! Hope you have fun!

Blue polka dot patterned 300 dpi , Set of 6 digital papers , free to dowload

Here are some free, seamless, digital papers for you in png format to download and use for home purposes. Print them at a paper size of 3.6 * 6.4 inches. Hope you enjoy making crafts with them!

Happy Day

Digital wallpaper, greetings, posters, graphic art
Oh happy day !

Grill Chill

Grill graphics, clip art
Grill Chill and kill Beer

Doing this and the recent ones on GIMP , hope you like it.

Another coffe mug illustration for coffee lovers

Hope you like it:

Clip art, coffe mugs, t-shirts,
What is important is that the early bird doesn’t get my coffee!

Fun graphic designs

Hi everyone,

Recently I have been working on these creations here, its been a lot of fun coming up with them.

Cool, summer dreams; Ice time clip art

Hängedeko for the times when spring is in the heart:

Funny Igel/hedgehog “Beware of entering’ sign to hang on your children’s bedroom door
‘May your coffee be strong and your monday short’ design for coffee mugs
Funny ‘you again? Door mat design
For women who love to sew and make wonderful things with beautiful fabrics
‘ I don’t care’ sign for children’s rooms
‘Not interested’ Null Bock, stylish and minimalistic

Some more journal covers

I thought I would show some more journal covers that I had decorated this and the previous year

This one is from the beginning of this year, I had divided into sections with some beautiful patterned papers I had purchased from Coppenrath; for – lines and textures, shapes and forms, abstract and graphics, decoration, notan and value plans, comps and color notes, ideas and designs and notes. A page from this book:

It’s almost over, I have another one now which I am intimidated to start even after keeping so many sketchbooks , this one I am hoping will be more put together, with my thoughts and ideas more synthesised, that’s why the name ‘network’..

Another one is a Leuchturm diary, a day a page, it’s huge , some 400 pages A4 master (the others are of 234), I love it, I do whatever I feel like first thing in the morning, journal, draw, sketch, take notes, color notes of the changing light in the day etc., it’s only 100gsm but it takes markers and pens well, practically no bleedthrough at all. These past two years have been tough for me and I am glad I could channel some of my energies this way, by journalling. The cover which is inspired from butterflies and moths and two pages from this book, I like the second one, it looks complex but I haven’t ‘thought’ about it, it just came about: particularly the past year I think I have become a lot better at compositions:

The one above, is inspired from a piece of beautiful Arabic calligraphy, I use for writing, analysis of master artist’s works , a project list , what works I want to paint and how etc

This one (above , cover is impromptou) was also good, one from the previous year, just jotting down random ideas, inspirations, meditations see what I am really excited about and what I want to really, really paint and do, we have only so many years to live!

The beginning of last year, part diary part notes, part sketches and ideas.

This year I got two paperblank calender weeklies, I am using one as a tracker , the other one which has a vertical layout I don’t like so much. For the last two years I found I didn’t like the unstructurality of the bullet journal for routine tasks.

Also, I have a couple of smaller moleskine A5 size ones , collage sketchbook, I will post a few pages from those and the above ones in the coming few weeks. Hope you like them!

How do you like my new journal cover?

Painted the cover of my new Leuchtturm blanko ; love this Edding gold pen with a calligraphy tip, got two of them, the other one with an extra fine tip:

Journal cover
Journal cover

Moleskine Sketchbook page : Toucan and Orchid

Moleskine Sketchbook pages -Leopard

sketchbook page - leopard - jungle

Got some moleskine sketchbooks the other day, love the pages! Here is my first entry, felt inspired to make some textures to get the look of a jungle. This is with a pigma brush pen, love the fuzzy edges it makes.

Journaling page

Sketchbook Journaling page

Journaling pages

Horse chestnut tree in early summer

Here are some of my journal pages, I write in a Leuchtturm 1917 A4 size book with a Lamy fountain pen, I love the feel of the pages a lot.

Horse chestnut tree sketch

On these pages I took some notes from

Sketchbook pages- succlucents garden

Tried to make a pleasing arrangement of various succlucents:

Plants sketches

Sketchbook page

Sketchbook pages

Sketchbook pages

Sketchbook pages

More sketches and forms

Today’s sketches, hope you like them:

Sketchbook page

Foliage dappled light

I was doing yoga when I saw this pattern of light and shade made by the tree on the wooden floor. As I was staring at it there started to appear the most beautiful glittering colors in the light areas. I ran to get my sketchbook and some faber castell metallic pens, here’s the result:

Foliage dappled light

New sketches

Today I tried to make some new forms, hope you lile them: